An Existential Scream

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An Existential Scream

This tree spirit looks like Munch’s “The Scream” – he’s even holding his ears!

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Don’t you just want to sympathize with this poor fellow? The nature spirits who work with this black locust tree certainly did!

At sometime there was an elderly man who was associated with this particular bucolic location. He had balding white hair that stood up all around his head. He is covering his ears against the aggressiveness of  someone or some situation who is mouthing words right into the old man’s head. There is the distinct impression of some old gent who was either being henpecked by his wife, or hounded by authority figures or by his own internal angst.

There is the image of a gnome in the tree – indicating a gentle grounded being usually found around property being blessed by this grounding nature worker. And a rather ominous wolf spirit as well.

Black Locust Gnome

Wolfman of Bucktoe Creek

Black Locust Tree

Ah, doesn’t that sometimes occur? Discord in paradise…

The tree lives at the Bucktoe Creek Preserve, Chester County, PA next to one of the original homesteads of that property. It is a sympathetic image the tree spirit himself has fashioned reflecting a human situation that had occurred on this property.

You can read more about this tree by CLICKING HERE.

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