Elephant and Mouse

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Elephant and Mouse

Natural energy polarities – elephant and mouse – are united within this tree. It is part of the work of the Fox River Valley nature spirits, who are seeking to create harmonious energy for all earth communities in their area by holding together opposites inside nature herself. This tree experiment lives at Island Park, Geneva, IL.

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This is a gentle story of an elephant and a mouse – not known to be friendly to each other. They are being held together in this tree, as they learn to live in harmony. You can see the elephant’s eye, tusk and trunk halfway up the tree. The mouse’s profile is in the lower area. The scene shows the mouse energy is actually within the elephant energy. This scene is interesting because it shows a very large animal who is often frightened by a very small animal.

Large and small – timid and strong. It’s part of the harmonizing of opponents that the Fox River Valley nature spirits are intent on securing in their area. This tree lives at Island Park, Geneva, Illinois.

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