The Dwarf of the Black Bog

© Atala Dorothy Toy

The Dwarf of the Black Bog

This dwarf’s living image is his address marker; it is unusually well detailed.. This is an older, mature dwarf with a very distinctive appearance – a tall head indicating, he tells me, his high degree of intelligence. He oversees a bog at Morton Arboretum, IL.

More Information

This kindly fellow has classic dwarf features – large nose, whiskers and beard. It is interesting to see his conical head. I keep wondering if he might be a gnome with his hat off (gnomes love tall conical hats) but he keeps insisting he is a dwarf and not a gnome.

This dwarf lives in the Scots Pines area of Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL. This area is centered around a large dark bog. The energy of this area is both light and serious. You can see that energy in the dwarf’s visage. His wide open eyes are inspecting the area and his downturned mouth shows his somber determination. This is his Marker Tree – it is his address marker and defines his home central point and his doorway into his earth home.

Ley Lines

This area is located between several large bodies of water. Because Scots Pines grow tall and straight, you can clearly see how earth energy can be so strong that is affects the growth of the life forms in its line of travel. Many of the trees along a strong ley line will curve around the strong invisible energy and others grow around vortexes of energy rising up from the water areas below the earth.

Such strong earth energies are one of the things dowsers are on a look out for when assessing and addressing the energies of a piece of land.

In the photos below, you can see how some of the trees have curved around a specific line of strong energy.

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