Dragon of Bryce Canyon

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Dragon of Bryce Canyon

This view of one end of Bryce Canyon shows a number of HooDoos (stone figures). I like the image of a dragon slithering down the hillside. Emerging from the cliff beside him are several male profiles, one with what looks like a crown. Along the far wall is a group that looks much like a group of beings in a cathedral setting admiring the cliff figures.


More Information

This grouping of figures leaves much open to the imagination. Who are the head profiles of? Some royals whose living coat of arms is the dragon energy? Who are the figures in the cathedral setting across the way? Other royals with their own crowns, in service to those they are staring at?

Like many other of the HooDoos of Bryce Canyon, the depth of detail in the ensemblages indicates a highly intelligent, sophisticated a skilled craftsman working from some other dimension to describe a story.

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