Join Atala for 5 Days of Events at the West Coast Dowsing Conference

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Join Atala for 5 Days of Events at the West Coast Dowsing Conference

Join me at the West Coast Dowsers Conference – I’ll be presenting three lectures and a half day workshop on how to locate and photograph nature beings. An international roster of dowsing instructors is gathering, over the July 4 holiday, at the Rachel Carson College, UC Santa Cruz – one of the most beautiful campuses in the USA.

This is your chance to learn as well as to deepen your knowledge of dowsing tools and techniques.

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How to Dowse for, and Communicate with, the Sentient Lifeforms of Nature.
Atala Toy – Free Lecture
Friday July 5, 9 am
Sat, July 6, 3:45pm

Learn how to shift your consciousness to see into, and work with, the intelligent life forms of nature. You’ll see photographs of greenmen, gnomes and fairies as they have sculpted themselves into earth’s base life forms – trees and rocks. Theirs are living images that connect to the societal necessities of the nature realms such as territorial markers, administrative halls and earth energy nodal points. You’ll learn the basic skills of this body dowsing modality and how a simple cell phone camera can be your verification tool.

How to Talk with All Parts of Creation
Atala Toy – Free Lecture
Sun, July 7 , 3:45pm

This is an intimate gathering, limited to 25 people and not being recorded, in which you will be practicing making the shift from using dowsing tools to directly communicating with life forms of other realms. All existence is sentient and complex in its own realm. We’ll explore how to establish communication across dimensions.

A Field Trip to Dowse for and Photographically Record the Presence of Nature Beings
Atala Toy – Half-Day Workshop
Monday, July 8 1-4pm

Grab your cell phone or camera and join us on this half-day outing in the magnificent scenery of the Santa Cruz campus. You are going to acquire visual proof that nature beings are real and that their society is complex and sophisticated. We’ll explore the special groups who oversee the well-being of this area and practice shifting consciousness to communicate with them. Your proof will be the photographs you’ll learn to take. Your guide, Atala Toy, has been successfully teaching this dowsing modality for over twenty years. Note: We will be hiking around the campus; wear stout shoes, bring a hat and water. This is not a wheelchair accessible event.

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