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Dowsing, Trees and Nature Beings – American Society of Dowsers

Let’s get together at the East Coast American Society of Dowsers annual conference, being held in Marlborough, MA Fri June 14 through Sunday June 16. This is a wonderful in-person opportunity for us to connect. It is also an excellent venue for you to learn many ways in which dowsing can improve your life, and the lives and property of others. Click HERE to read about my events.

The ASD holds an annual East Coast conference at which attendees can learn everything from how to dowse to the fine points of treasure dowsing, lost persons dowsing and energy dowsing. There is a vendor area and a bookstore both chock full of beginner to esoteric dowsing information. This year the conference will be in Marlborough, MA from Friday June 14 through Sunday June 16. You can attend one day or the full event. Click HERE for Registration information. Lectures are free with registration; workshops are extra.

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Dowsing with the Nature Beings for Our Planet’s Ecological Well-Being
Atala Toy – Free Lecture
Fri June 14 10:15-11:15

For over twenty years Atala Toy has been photographing and cataloguing information about the nature beings realms via the living images they carve into trees and rocks. The knowledge derived from this type of observation can be a powerful asset in your collecting of dowsing diagnostics for a piece of land.

You will learn how to use the camera to connect to nature beings and observe the ecological actions they set in motion to heal and maintain the health of a piece of land. This knowledge can facilitate your working with sentient nature in remedial land work.

Trees have their own personal needs and also meet the needs of both the Nature Being and the Human Being realms. They are lifeforms who bridge the worlds, as testified to by the artwork of many human cultures. Atala will discuss some of the humanly-visible methods by which nature works with trees and rocks to correct land abnormalities and celebrate earth achievements.

How to Connect to, Photograph and Understand the Dowsing Information Provided by a Tree
Atala Toy – Half-Day Workshop
Sunday, June 16 1pm-4pm

Once you understand how to see and photograph the earth information and images provided by a tree, it is hard to unsee. The question then becomes how you can work with this information to enact positive change. We will explore this type of ecological action via a field trip into the woods surrounding our conference location. You will learn how to see the work of nature beings as evidenced by images placed in a tree, how to assess these images, and what types of corrective actions you can work on with the nature beings.

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