Dog at Play

The nature beings were so amused by the antics of a playful floppy-eared dog that they did a portrait of him, above the tree hole where little forest animals skittered out of his reach.

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This dog image is in one of the trees in Peirce’s Park – the original arboretum housed inside Longwood Gardens, PA. It is a sculpture by the tree spirit of an energy that amused him. Trees will sometimes do that – create in their own trunk a living energetic image of some event that particularly affected them.

This playful and floppy-eared dog apparently enjoyed daily games of chase with small animals. They’d always disappear from reach inside the tiny opening at the tree’s base roots. This dog so amused the tree spirit that it fashioned the dog’s portrait right above the hole. The portrait also served as a frequency fence that slowed down the dog just enough to let the small critters skitter in to safety.

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