Dinosaur Man

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Dinosaur Man

This is an entry guardian on Mt. Lemmon, AZ – home of many stone HooDoos. He is positioned at the side of the road by the start of the ascent of the mountain. His hulking size and spinal ridge of points emphasize his warning to travelers to be cautious of the winding road ahead.


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More Information

Guardian of Mt Lemmon

This Dinosaur Man is an entry guardian of the road up Mt. Lemmon, Arizona.

He is a sentry near the rise of the road from the desert floor into the steep rocky slopes. He is warning folks to be careful as they proceed up the mountain and its rapidly changing weather from hot to cold, sunny to foggy, with narrow roads that border steep cliffs.

How do you like his spinal ridge of points?

Here he is up close – you can see his well defined personality and his piercing clear sky-eye.

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