Deva of the Frogs

This lady is the nature spirit charged with the protection of the small animals of this area – the frogs, salamanders and other small beings. She has a tall headdress, a fancy dress and is riding her steed, a frog.

More Information

I have graphed the deva for you (below). She is wearing a tall headdress and is winged. She is quite buxom but demure, with a high lace collar, a cinched waist. She is mostly emerged from spirit to manifest in this world right now. But she is at a 3/4 angle, her sleeved right arm and leg showing. She is one of the three fingered/toed beings. She is riding her steed, a frog.

Both these beings are smiling. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the world of newts, frogs, salamanders and the like, this deva is beautiful.

This is her marker tree. It is where she has anchored her consciousness, from which her energetic net of responsibility builds out. Anything occurring anywhere in this net notifies her consciousness, no matter where she is at the time, and she will manifest instantly at the needed location.

This deva works at the Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL.

The Photography Aspect of the Scene

Frog Deva – Diagram

On a side note: this is a situation where it is wonderful to be working with a photo program (Adobe) on a large screen, and spend time photographing from many angles. While there, I saw only the heads of the deva and the frog, and this shot was part of my scene recording of the site. It was only while I was sitting with the image on screen – taken by my trusty Nikon D850 – that the more subtle aspects began to come forward.

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