Desert Spirits

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Desert Spirits

These Desert Spirits live in a mesquite tree at an ancient Hohokam petroglyph site in Arizona. Sometimes when I am led to a spirit tree, I discover that others are also aware of its significance. This spirit tree has an inconspicuous path leading to it from the main path, outlined by someone with small stones. A circle of small stones also encircles the tree.

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Grandmother Mesquite

Here’s a special mesquite tree in the Saguaro National Park in Arizona that I often think about and connect to. It is near a powerful ancient Hohokam petroglyph site we now call Signal Hill. Just a bit off the path, hidden from full view. Although, one time, I found someone had outlined a path to it and around it in small stones. So others also saw what I see!

Signal Hill AZ

The energy of this place holder tree is very powerful, like an acupuncture point driving a specific type of peace deep into the earth. As it is believed the site was an ancient lookout point for the peaceful local peoples, this type of protection, anchored by nature herself, makes sense.

The driving force lives on the back side of the tree, away from view of those hiking the trail beside the tree. It is of Grandmother.  She has shaped herself in the same ornate linear detail as the figures on the front of the tree. There are many other smaller details found around her as well.

I make sure to visit this tree on my trips to the Tucson Gem Show. Here are some photos a colleague took of me. You can see the sizes of the images here.

Atala with Desert Spirits

Atala Toy with Grandmother




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