Cypress Smile

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Cypress Smile

It’s spring and this cheerful cypress knee spirit is delighted to be surrounded by lilies. He lives at Magnolia Plantation, SC in a beautifully tended lake surrounded by cypress trees. Cypress knees are part of the cypress tree root system that grows above the water line in a swampy area. They can form large communities that spread out from the tree, with many small clusters and a number of very clearly featured beings.

More Information

Cypress knees are usually found in groups and their features are generally benign or happy. It feels like they came into being under the stress to survive. Like human society, that stress can lead to an evolution of consciousness – a growth to a state of greater equanimity as they work hard to deal with their particular situation.

The cheerful little fellow shown here lives in the cypress grove below, part of the Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC. This scenic plantation is a definite visit on your bucket list of America!

Cypress Alcove | Magnolia Plantation, SC

Scientists don’t yet know why the swamp cypress throw up these knees, but scientists believe it is so the cypress can acquire needed oxygen via its root system.

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