Cypress Knee Deer

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Cypress Knee Deer

A romantic deer head with long hair is admired by the area residents. These forms are called cypress knees – they are the tree’s roots growing up out of the moist ground where cypress love to live.

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This lovely spirit looks like a doe, with soft, large eyes and long Spanish moss hair. Her male admirers are all around her and she is protected by a vigilant being on top of her head. This group lives to the left of the scene below, on a larger part of the lake, next to a well-traveled strolling path. This group has the refined air nature spirits acquire when they come in frequent contact with humans.

Cypress knees are usually found in groups and their features are generally benign or happy. It feels like they came into being under the stress to survive. It is believed by plant scientists that the root growths (called knees) are the swamp cypress’s effort to provide oxygen via its roots system, when these roots are under water or in swampy land.

This beautiful cypress grove is located at Magnolia Plantations, SC.

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Cypress Alcove | Magnolia Plantation, SC

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