Crossing Dimensions

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Crossing Dimensions

This wood elf nature being is cautiously entering our human world. He is entering a community of beings surrounding his entry point, or portal.

More Information

A hooded elf is emerging from a portal into our dimension, and checking that it is safe to do so.

This portal is in a honey locust tree that is a “Safe Place.” This particular tree is something like the safe houses in the Underground Railroad and something like the train station in the Harry Potter stories. It is a portal, or gateway, into another dimension.

This gateway is specifically for the Hooded Elves, of whom I am especially fond. Hooded elves are larger in size than humans. They have a bark-like/fur-like hood over the upper part of their face that is part of their biological configuration. They have pointed elf ears. They are one of the protector species of nature spirits, watching over the safety of nature spirits in general.

It is located in the front yard of my former home and it faces the kitchen window. To see the image diagrammed, click HERE.


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