Council Tree Wisdom

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Council Tree Wisdom

A Council Tree is a judicial site for the nature realm. It is where nature beings bring their complaints to be acted upon by a group of judges who represent the various types of beings in residence in the area. Images of court personnel are crafted into the tree. They signify the judges in residence, and are also the living seats of the judge, when the court is in session.

More Information

This Council Tree is located on the property of one of the well-to-do, community-minded founding families of Conway, NH. It is a very appropriate pairing of energies.

Council Tree Diagram

These Council Trees evolve and mature, as we all do, by the duties they fulfill. Like most trees, with their limited canvases (their trunk), some of the images are parts of other images. I’ve diagrammed them for you here. They include an Elf Prince, Native American, monkey, bird, greenman and merchant. The monkey, for example, represents the connection of the council into the evolutionary template of ape consciousness – a predecessor of both the nature beings and human beings.

You can CLICK HERE to read a more detailed discussion of this tree.

I’ve also featured a number of these beings with their own portraits – check out the other images in the New England Tree Spirit category. These include studies of the Elf Prince,  the Greenman Scholar and the Merchant Elf  

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