Contemporary Paganism by Graham Harvey

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Contemporary Paganism by Graham Harvey

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Contemporary Paganism: Religions of the Earth from Druids and Witches to Heathens and Ecofeminists (Religion, Race, and Ethnicity)  by leading expert Graham Harvey is a scholarly study of this topic. Like animism, the earth-centric philosophy of paganism has been much maligned by Christian colonialist traditions.  Harvey comprehensively explores this topic as a much needed understanding of how to exist cooperatively with earth, given contemporary environmental degradations.

Amazon’s description states: The Pagan tradition celebrates the physical nature of life on earth, blending science with spiritual folklore. Considering the everyday world of food, health, sex, work, and leisure to be sacred, Pagans oppose that which threatens life such as deforestation, overdevelopment, and nuclear power and invoke ancient deities in this struggle for the well-being of the earth and its inhabitants.

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