Condor and Snake

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Condor and Snake

In many Native American cultures, and in South American Indian cultures, the condor (bird), the puma (cat) and the snake represent heaven, earth and the underworld. The most prominent HooDoo at the Grotto area of the Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona, is this trio, set high on a hill. Shown clearly here are the condor, who is sitting on the puma; and the head of a snake.

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Condor and Puma

The Chiricahua mountains are filled with HooDoos (stone sculptures) of many very specific images. To the right is a photo I took from a different vantage point, showing the Condor and the puma.

This stone formation is seen at the entry to the Grotto trails at Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona. To the rear of the condor, at a distance, you can see Cochise Head, with the image said to be that of the famed Apache Chief Cochise.

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Cochise Head


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