Cochise Head

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Cochise Head

This mountain is said to resemble the head of the famed Chiricahua Apache chief, Cochise. It is located in the historic Chiricahua stronghold area of southern Arizona. Cochise was a master strategist who was never defeated in battle. A symbol of bravery and wisdom. Excellent for focusing on calling forth personal valor and wisdom!

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Chochise Head and Range

This area of southern Arizona is the cultural home of the Chiricahua Apache. It is an area where the stones are so alive you can hear them whispering to you. These stone figures are called HooDoos, a term originating with white pioneers traveling West. The term is a play on the New Orleans term Voodoo. The large stone formations seemed alive to them, and it was believed by many pioneers, and Native American groups, that the stones come alive at night.

Cochise was one of the Apache leaders during the 19th century Apache resistance to incursions by Mexicans and Americans.

Here is a long view of Cochise mountain – it looks like a prone body with head.

You can read more about the area, Chiricahua National Monument and the HooDoos HERE

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