Central Park Pan

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Central Park Pan

This sophisticated tableau was fashioned by the Central Park nature spirits to honor John Lennon, the fallen musician who loved to visit this site, known as Strawberry Fields. It features Lennon as Pan, playing his pipes and entrancing both animals and humans.

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Imagine – Strawberry Fields

This Pan tableau exists at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY.  You can see the human memorial to the left.

Created by interdimensional artists, this elm tree memorial celebrates the life and work of musician John Lennon. It depicts him in his later long-hair years as a symbolic Pan, attracting life forms of many realms through the beauty of his music.

Nature’s homage has been crafted into the base of an American Elm. It features the musician, fingers playing the pipes, while a rabbit listens on as well as a bevy of other beings, including birds, gnomes and humans.

Strawberry Fields is located in the well-to-do Upper Westside. CLICK HERE to read more about this special site, and to see an explanation of the tree images.

CLICK HERE to read more about the nature beings’ Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon.


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