Central Park Gentleman

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Central Park Gentleman

This is the front view of an elegant Central Park Gentleman who lives in the exclusive upper east side area of Central Park, Manhattan. He has such reassuring, gentle energy…he resides in a London Plane Tree, one of the favorite trees of that park – very resilient in areas of high pollution and real community trees.

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Being a city girl for some forty years of my life – I have grown very fond of the London Plane Trees who can be found in abundance around New York City

Central Park Gentleman Side View

I very much enjoy photographing London Plane Trees, for they are trees of great character. The walkways in New York City’s Central Park are lined with them. They are good-natured, social trees with a good sense of humor that often has a city-dweller’s sharp edge. It’s fun to visit with these trees – to come into resonance with them and to gradually merge into their own individual worlds.

To the left is a side view of this gentleman.

The front view of this photograph is one of my most popular, judging from the number of “hits” it has received. CLICK HERE to see some more of the most popular images.

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