Centaur and His Wife

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Centaur and His Wife

This is a love story – a memorial portrait study of a centaur and his human wife. Looking at them are two small humanoid figures – servants? A human king and queen? What exactly is the story here? This sculptural piece is located at Paria Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah

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Centaur and His Wife

This centaur stands protectively behind his human mate, who rests against him just below his chin. His ears are laid back – the sign in a horse of relaxed energy.

This is a family portrait of a long-time couple grown old together. Theirs is a love that would not be recognized by many in the human world but it was true and permanent. The relaxed casualness of both beings indicates their long intimacy and love for each other.

The sculptures, fashioned of very porous, granular sandstone, show the centaur with a mature face, high cheek bones, ears laid back (e.g. he is not in danger from anything, but is in control), and long thick hair/mane streaming down his back. The woman has a bouffant hair style, a small nose, and is dressed for chilly weather, with a shawl and thick clothes. She is heavy set.

I suspect this was a woman pioneer, her human family deceased, living alone in the wilderness, calling on the universe for protection. The centaur heard the call and came to protect her. They bonded across dimensions.

This sculpture is located at Paria Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah.

To the right is a close up. You can read more of the story by clicking HERE

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