Infantry Officer

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Infantry Officer

A British Light Infantry officer and a crusty old British Sergeant are seen here in an important nodal tree that is seeking to restore harmony to the Brandywine Valley – an area shattered by a British invasion back in 1777. The energy sank into the land, and the nature spirits are still working to correct matters.

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This tree is growing on ground that was part of a violent military campaign by the British, who were seeking to destroy America’s attempt to achieve independence and set up their own country. The nature spirits are still hard at work rebalancing the land in this area and one way they do so is by encapsulating a violent situation in a tree, and working with the tree energy to contain and transform.

On the other side of the tree is a portrait study of the Lady of the Woods and the Masked Wood Elf who are in charge of harmonizing this particular area.

Lady and the Wood Elf


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