Cartmel Tree Close Up

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Cartmel Tree Close Up

This grand old tree has a lot it wants to share. It has fashioned faces within faces merging into other faces. All of them strong energies…and some of them quite happy!

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The inner flame and the Great Spirit. Two concepts of spirit prevalent in the land itself, in the Quaker-settled Brandywine Valley area of Pennsylvania.

At the end of the long driveway into the Quaker-founded independent living community of Cartmel stands this elderly maple tree. Trees and open space are highly valued, respected and protected throughout this area and the trees respond in kind. Some of them choose to express their experiences on their trunks, in subtle and complex images that tell stories of their own.

Inner Flame and Great Spirit

How Many Stories Can You Find?

The earth herself holds the energies of what has happened over time and in this area of the country I have found a number of trees who hold not only images of nature beings but also of past events. An image inherent to the Quakers who pioneered in this area is that of a candle and flame, signifying the spirit that shines bright inside all beings. An image inherent in the Native Americans who greeted the arriving Quakers is that of a bison, signifying the Great Spirit of the universe.

In this old maple both are combined, a bison head on the left facing right and on his head the image of a living candle (with face) dripping wax from much use.

There are many other images and stories in this venerable old tree. To the right is a long view for you to discover some more as seen from this angle. How many do you find? I found eight…


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