Camel Rock, Illinois

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Camel Rock, Illinois

Camel Rock is one of the best known of the stone HooDoos at Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest, Illinois.

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Laughing Rocks, Garden of Gods, IL

This large area of the Garden is under the care of one Guardian of Place, who has a large group of assistants. There are stunning scenes and stone HooDoos from mini to gargantuan scattered throughout the rocky scenery.

The product photo is the well-known Camel Rock in the fall. The brilliance of the oranges, reds, yellows, browns and evergreen are breathtaking. From many points, such as here,  you can look out for miles and miles of brilliant colors, with hardly any signs of human existence. In the richly varied cliffs around Camel Rock there are many other figures. See how many you can find.

Facing this rock court are a group of Court Jesters. They provide levity to balance the serious energies of the senior court members. Each has his own well developed personality.

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