Cairns on Mt Washington

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Cairns on Mt Washington

Markers for hikers, this tall cairns march across the landscape on Mt Washington, NH

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Cairn | Boulder, CO

The product photo here shows very tall directional cairns that mark the above-treeline trails up Mt. Washington, NH. They serve as guides for hikers who can encounter all kinds of weather on their climb, from fog to snow storms.

Collections of stones – loosely termed cairns – have also evolved along other lines of “growth.” They can serve as official markers, personal markers, aesthetic statements and philosophical demonstrations. Cairns are endlessly entrancing statements of humanity’s varied interactions with nature. To the right is a whimsical cairn set up in a Boulder, CO stream.

All these rock cairns are at their core representations of the solid guidance we can rely on when traversing the wilderness of spirit in all kinds of inner weather.

CLICK HERE to see more and different kinds of cairns.

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