Bully and His Wife

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Bully and His Wife

This tableau is one of many of a hillside strewn family of rock spirits I like to visit in Estes Park, CO. It shows a dour gross consciousness bully and, behind him, his cowering wife protecting herself from his blows.


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Grandfather Rock

This ancient, wise Grandfather Rock (right) presides over a large community of aware boulders, in Estes Park, CO.

Among his community members are a feisty little warrior, a whale, an elephant and the abusive husband seen in this product. You can read and see these stories HERE

The bully and his wife are both bird-like even while being very stolid. The bully has a hawk nose and a heavy wing. The wife has a bird-like face, with wings folded over herself, in protection. Her much smaller size and location indicate the energy of the situation.

This bully tableau is a case where the stone world is seeking to remedy a situation by pinning a placeholder to the earth grid. Nature wants us to have to deal with the situation, because it won’t go away!

The bully and his wife are situated at the bottom of the hillside strew. They are isolated from the others. CLICK HERE to read their story.

Grandfather and his rock community live at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO

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