Buffalo Spirit Guardian

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Buffalo Spirit Guardian

This is Buffalo Spirit, the nature devas explained to me. They had guided me into the woods and up to this tree. It is a nodal tree, they explained, that helps keep the buffalo energy alive and active. Buffalo, to the Native Americans, represents the Great Spirit. This buffalo guardian lives at the Midewin National Grasslands, Illinois – an area where bison (buffalo) once grazed abundantly and freely.

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Buffalo Guardian seen from the front

The buffalo/bison has always been highly respected by the Native Americans for its many blessings offered to the community. It is a symbol of abundance, protection, good fortune…and many qualities more. As a nodal point on the buffalo grid, this tree is helping to keep the energy of the buffalo still active in the landscape, even though most of the buffalo have been long gone.

Seen right is a long view from the front of the buffalo spirit.

At this protected site – the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Northern Illinois – bison are being reintroduced in a protected environment. The land itself is also being restored to pre-pioneer day conditions.

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