Buccaneer of Bar Harbor

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Buccaneer of Bar Harbor

This is a complex nature spirit story about a dashing buccaneer and the woman he loved and left. Its canvas is the entire width of the old town Commons in Bar Harbor, Maine. Shown here are the woman (left) and the buccaneer (right) inside a broken off tree branch area shaped like a heart.


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Buccaneer Dandy Close Up

This is a – “Seriously, folks, I couldn’t possibly have made this up!” story.

This is what the nature spirits said the story was. Back in earlier times, when all the trees and people in this story were young and adventurous, a handsome buccaneer of good family and a woman from the wrong side of town were in love and had many a dalliance beneath the trees of this area. He was a bar-visiting, hearty-living charismatic young roustabout and this woman often accompanied him on his outings.

Then at some point the local constabulary arrested him and threw him into jail – a local building near the square. The woman visited him often, talking with him through the windows of the jail. She would sit under this tree and sorrowfully mourn the buccaneer’s incarceration. The barrier between the two in the downed limb represents both the jail cell walls and the wall that gradually grew between the two.

To the right is the buccaneer as an older man, looking at the tree from across the park.

To see other parts of this story, which straddles the entire old town Commons, Bar Harbor, Maine, CLICK HERE

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