Blue Morpho Butterfly

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Blue Morpho Butterfly

These two Blue Morpho Butterflies are looking longingly out a glass window at the vast sunset sky just beyond.

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Like so many of us, the beauty of these beings entrances others…but they have their own sights set longingly on different spaces than where they are.

The Blue Morpho looks like two totally different butterflies depending on whether its wings are open or closed. When its wings are closed, it is an earthy brown with large eyes . When its wings open up, it is a breath-takingly iridescent sky blue.

Humble or dramatic – these two want what is so close yet unobtainable. So many of us right now feel like these butterflies. We are survivors of the chaos (cocoon) and we see the bright air. Can we fly into it, or is this mesmerizing vision on other side of an invisible glass wall.

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