Black Locust Gnome

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Black Locust Gnome

The resident gnome of the nearby Victorian-era homestead has marked this area as under his protection. It is always a good sign to have a gnome image in a property tree. It means one of these serious responsible earth craftspeople is in residence and claiming responsibility for assuring there is good fortune grounded in the area earth.

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This solid-looking gnome lives in a black walnut tree near an old homestead that is now part of Bucktoe Creek PreserveChester County, PA. This black walnut is a grounding tree for the property and also houses a protective wolfman and the image of an old gent holding his ears against the haranguing of – ? – a harping wife? – life’s existential blows?

Gnomes are excellent beings to have in residence at a home. They are hard working and like to keep things in order. They are good luck for whatever area they call home.

Gnomes know the workings of the nature world and are all for sharing their knowledge with others. Gnomes are very good at grid construction – that is, setting up alignments on a property to keep all orderly and in place. They are friendly, non-aggressive and communal.

Black Locust Tree

Existential Scream

Wolfman of Bucktoe Creek

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