Bird Who Swallowed a Frog

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Bird Who Swallowed a Frog

The bird who swallowed a frog is a gentle joke and energetic correction by this cottonwood tree. The tree root has the shape of a bird but its eye is a frog! This image is part of the work of the nature spirits along the peaceful, gently-flowing Fox River Valley in Illinois.

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The nature spirits along my home area stretch of the Fox River have worked hard to establish a spirit of peaceful cooperation deep in the land itself. They have anchored cooperation in the trees, rocks, water and earth. Sometimes they have manifested this energy in images.

Ducks and frogs are natural enemies – the predator and the meal. Here, in a popular local park, in the root of a cottonwood tree, the nature spirits have grown an image of a duck whose eye is a frog. The frog is smiling and, as the duck’s eye, represents what the duck is seeing.

Here the spirits are working to lessen the fear of the smaller beings – those life forms including people who are at the mercy of the more aggressive and powerful life forms. The devas have committed to alleviating the power imbalance and to bringing respect and harmony into this naturally charged situation.

The cottonwood tree is a messenger tree. Its heart-shaped leaves flutter in the slightest breeze. It is said in traditional Native American lore that these fluttering heart leaves carry our messages and prayers to spirit. It is a sun tree. This image, in the root of a cottonwood tree, is sending a prayer to spirit. This cottonwood lives at Wheeler Park, Geneva, IL.

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