Beings Not to Meet on a Dark Night….

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Beings Not to Meet on a Dark Night….

These two eery beings are energies present in the life of the Illinois woods where a hopeful Greenman (lower right) looks up and to the future, accompanied by his animal familiar (seen just below him).

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Greenman of Ryerson

Dark and light co-exist everywhere. We all are dealing with competing energies – dark and light – as we move through life. This tree houses these energies. They are the spirit energies some long ago pioneer was working with in his solitary life.

This tree lives near a pioneer-era log cabin in Ryerson Woods, Illinois, next to a gently flowing stream.

I can imagine some pioneering man sitting beneath it and contemplating the survival issues, crises, joys and hopes he was facing in the life he chose for himself. To the right is a close up of the dreamy and hopeful Greenman. To read more of this story, click HERE

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