Battle with Wood Elves

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Battle with Wood Elves

The Battle with the Wood Elves takes place on a Southern plantation once owned by a lumber baron, who carved out a lawn area remarkably similar in shape to the masked figure’s face. Staring him down and cordoning him off are two warrior wood elves (left in the photo), who are seeking to prevent him from encroaching even further into their woods.

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The outcome of this battle between humans and wood elves, and the documenting of the truce that was declared, is energetically described in this placeholder tree. It’s a Live Oak who lives on the line between the two zones – at the edge of where lawn meets woods. The job of a placeholder tree is to keep in place a specific type of energy. This one is both documenting and serving as the placeholder in a several century old spirit battle over the use of this parcel of land.

The shape of the human’s face mirrors the shape of the lawn itself, which is broad at the back and narrows down to the water. The shape defines the territory surrendered to the humans.

Today this gorgeous estate is the Eden Gardens State Park, Santa Rosa, Florida – cared for by a very responsible crew of park attendants. They maintain the grounds as they were established long ago, with only a minimum of encroachment permitting the public to use the woods in a non-destructive way. It appears the standoff is secure…at least as long as this placeholder tree lives to hold in place the demarcation line between the two territories.

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