Battle with the Giants

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Battle with the Giants

At one time in our country’s distant past, Native American tribes joined to battle the Giants, who were cannibals. These trees are on one such site and are part of the land remediation work of the nature beings. Burlington, Wisconsin.

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There are stories about a time in this land’s past when Native Americans banded together across the continent to battle with a giant race of beings. These giants were, according to legend, very tall – 8′ to 10′ – some say even 30′ – somewhat slow mentally and oppressed their smaller neighbors, often cannibalizing them.

This photo shows a remediation tree on the site of one of the ancient battles between those peoples. In the two branches shown here, you see the Native Americans biting at the back of the Giants. Their violent energies come together in the main trunk. which shows a peaceful, passionless energy binding the two races together.

Such land remediation is the duty of the nature beings. Wherever the land under a nature being’s protection is thrown off balance, by storms or violence of any sort, it is that being’s and his team’s responsibility to bring the land back into its Gaia-ordained state of balance. In this case, the nature beings have held the two sides together, so that, in this battle of giants and natives, their energies can become familiar with each other, come to peace, and thus rebalance the energies of the land. The two branches depicting this battle with the giants have been together many years, and as they die and decay, hopefully then ancient enmities anchored in this particular location will as well.

History of the Battle with the Giants

A colleague, Mary Sutherland, showed me this battlefield site. She found it while researching her documentary book about the giants – The Red-Haired Giants. This fascinating alternative history contains old news clips showing pioneers next to skeletons of giants. They were sometimes discovered during the initial clearing and plowing of land for agricultural use. The giants lived throughout the American continent but were not as numerous as their smaller neighbors. These smaller people (our size) finally joined together collectively to wipe out the giant race – and they succeeded.

This hill is part of a working farm. It is reputed in alternative archeology to be the site of one of these ancient battles. There is a rough-hewn flat rock said to be a sacrificial altar from that time. Interestingly, there is the rock outline of a human head on one side, as if they were lying down on it.

This dramatic image is an excellent one for you to study if you wish to delve into the land remediation energies of the nature beings. It has the energy of creating cooperation among foes, and how at our base we are all one. You can see other examples of this type of work by the nature beings in my photos taken on the 1777 Battle of the Brandywine land in Pennsylvania – An Infantry Officer, or Lady and the Wood Elf, or Charge of the Lances.

To learn more about this story, read my blog “Battle with the Giants – A Revisit”

Battle with the Giants - Sacrificial Altar

altar stone, unretouched, with image of a head

Battle with the Giants - Sacrificial Altar, diagrammed

Sacrificial Altar – I have outlined the face for you to see.

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