Batman and the Villain

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Batman and the Villain

An old tree along Glacier Creek takes on images from the many young boys who play in the area – Batman – with the villain of the week!

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Batman Tree Scene

“You’ve got to be kidding!” I laughed to the nature spirits. I had just rounded a curve in the forest path and came upon a joyful nature-carved story of Batman and his nemesis of the moment – a woodland nature spirit walker.

I was walking along a stream-side path at the YMCA of the Rockies. There were a number of nature spirit tableaux with different human-related themes along the route. That is normal when humans are frequent visitors in a natural area.

Up at the YMCA, many of those visitors are young people. So the thoughtforms being generated are those of youth.

This specific tree was in a clear area by a stream and down the hill from a lodge. I felt the energy of young boys – around eleven – playing Batman during their summer stay. Their play was such fun that it entranced the nature spirits, who wanted to join as well.

Here is their contribution. Batman is lower left and the villain looks on menacingly – but not too menacingly, all in good fun – from above.

This tableau also has its serious side. It is a lighthearted but resolute warning to the darker spirits of the woodland to stay away as the nature spirits are protecting the area…

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