Aslan on Watch

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Aslan on Watch

This is a long view of Aslan, as seen in a root structure on Rialto Beach, Washington. Sweeping back from him is a long flowing cloak. Beneath the opening is an image of Fenris Ulf, the wolf who supported Aslan in one of the Narnia wars.

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Aslan of Narnia

To the right is a close up of Aslan’s profile.

This massive cedar root structure is one of the more prominent sculptures at what is known as the Tree Graveyard – Rialto Beach, Washington. The beach front faces a part of the Pacific shoreline historically buffeted by strong storms. Over the centuries many massive cedar trees have washed ashore and weathered into awe-inspiring sculptural tableaus of complex roots.

In this product’s long view of the great lion, you see him standing facing the ocean, his kingly mane flowing back in the wind. From his back extends a long cloak permanently fluttering in graceful folds. Inside his great body he is harboring many other life forms, large and small. Depending on your energy of the moment, you will see various images come forward then step back.

Aslan is the great lion in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. The books were made into a series of successful movies.

Aslan is a very complex form, with different images all about him. CLICK HERE to see these images and to read more.

Aslan is part of a cedar graveyard with other impressive images. CLICK HERE is see these, and to learn more.

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