Angel of Death

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Angel of Death

A masterful nature being rendering of the angel of death carrying to heaven a human soul

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This masterful nature being art piece shown above transforms into three different scenarios when you shift your focus. The art piece is on a branch of the tree shown below. The tree itself is over 900 years old. Its home is in what is currently the Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina.

Shift focus to see the following scenes:

Mother Bows Down

1. The gentle face of the angel, looking left. (Note the Nature Spirit code – one eye showing, the other eye almost missing, indicating a messenger being who works transitioning life forms and messages between this world and spirit.)

2. Two figures, one above the other – that of an angel carrying away the spirit of a person. Their heads are to the right of the branch with the angel seen above the human, as a long stream of white energy and a tiny head. The human is beneath: a large male head turning into energy streaming down.

3. The angel above, and the head of a female upside down facing right with her long hair streaming to the left.

The symbolism refers to the gentleness of death, and the presence of a protecting angel who carries to heaven the spirit of both men and women.

To read more about this powerful image, CLICK HERE

You can read about this tree here –  “Magnolia Cemetery Tree Spirits.”

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