Ancient Wisdom Keeper

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Ancient Wisdom Keeper

Serene and wise, this ancient water tupelo has lived in this Southern Illinois cypress swamp for over 1000 years. His energy is focused in his throat and heart – he is a spirit spokesman for his people. He has the relaxed smile of an ancient wise one who has weathered the trials and tribulations of life, enjoyed its beauties as well, and is comfortable in his own power and ability to survive.

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King of the Cypress Swamp

This wisdom keeper is definitely chill. He is such a star that he has his own plaque on site and his own place in the record book of great Illinois trees. He now has a girth of 23 feet in circumference.

I enjoy the little nature spirit protectively nestled in the tupelo’s long dreadlocks…

Cypress Swamp

A Locally Famous Tree

This tupelo wisdom keeper lives in the Cache River State Nature Area, Illinois.

The cypress swamps of Southern Illinois have their own beauty, filled with reflections on water as the sun changes throughout the day, mysterious in their shadows and eerie silence. To the right is a view of the nearby Heron Pond cypress area.

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