The Abused Woman

Sometimes trees will embody an energy that the nature realm is seeking to remedy. In this case, the story is of the energy surrounding the abuse of women – or is it?


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This is a very interesting nodal tree in a worldwide energy grid that is focused on balancing out the wide spectrum of ways in which men relate to women, from abstinence to abuse.

The Monk

This complex tree is especially interesting because men and women seem to see it differently. Where I see an abused women – my two visiting sons, both very respectful to women, each saw a meditating monk.

They could not see the scene of the abused woman, no matter how hard they tried. And I on my part could not see the meditating monk, no matter how hard I tried – even when my younger son went up to the tree and took the stance both sons very sincerely insisted was what they saw.

So my conclusion is that this nodal tree is part of a grid that is seeking to hold the opposite ends of male oppression of woman – from the abstinence of the monk which states women keep men from focusing on God to the bestial use of women for men’s sexual pleasure. Or is it something else…what do you see?

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