1 The Equinox – Connecting to the Wood-Wide Web – A Zoom Event

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1 The Equinox – Connecting to the Wood-Wide Web – A Zoom Event


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Infinity Foundation
Connecting to the Wood-Wide Web
Zoom Event
Thursday, September 21
7:00 – 9:00 PM CST

Cycles of time and frequency express themselves throughout nature’s seasons. The veils between the worlds are thinnest at the equinoxes, making it easier for you to perceive and visit with nature beings. Connect to the energy of specific forestbeings such as greenmen, gnomes, and elves using specific focus techniques.

Nature beings often craft their living stories into trees and rocks – lifeforms who have long been recognized as portals between our two realms.

Take a visual adventure and get ready for the fall equinox. Be inspired by 20 years of nature beings in Atala’s photographic portfolio.

Discover how to locate and tune into the frequency of the subtle forest inhabitants. Work with the intelligence of your inner knowing to photograph them. Gain useful image processing methods to highlight your portrait finds.

Clarify processes and share your own methodologies as you participate in fresh, open, and synergistic discussion.

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