Every rare once in a while you come upon someone so expert in their ability to connect to the nature realm that your heart jumps with joy.

Mark Hurst, who lives and works in the U.K., is one such person. He is open, upfront, and a clear and easily understood representative of what humans can be – earth stewards in the most honest sense of that term. Call him a Druid, a wizard, a dowser, an indigenous thinker, an energy worker, a nature explorer – yes, to whatever aspect of connecting to nature you, the singular person he is speaking to, requires in order to understand. As one of his admirers has noted, Mark is committed to “help and guide people to becoming the highest versions of themselves, whilst remaining in touch with the natural world.”

As an interdimensional communicator myself, it thrills me to go on one of his YouTube camera walks into the woods. All his senses are working in the easy, comfortable way of a true expert. When he swings the camera to a high energy location, I can see and feel the energy he is about to discuss – and we always see the same thing. Click the video image to go to Mark’s YouTube Channel, A Coincidental Life, where you can take a walk with him to view Portals, Faerie Mounds, Trolls and Elves : What can Happen in Woods!

Mark has been at home in nature since he was an infant – he was born and lived on Druid Street in Hinckley, UK, within the castle grounds that once belonged to his great-many-times-over grandfather. Over the years Mark has explored many areas of the nature realm, from astrology to dowsing, landsite planning, energy work and leading woodland walks to connect humans with nature.

You can contact Mark via his website – Woodland Temple – “Where Nature and Spirit Meet” On his website, you can dip into his many avenues of service.

His extensive range of nature photographs include tree beings and earth vortexes. You can view them on his Instagram page, woodland.temple.oracle where he lists himself as a “Warrior Guardian of the Woods”.












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