Snow Geese, Birdmen and Templars

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One of the early spring highlights in Eastern Pennsylvania is the migration of hundreds of thousands of snow geese through Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County.  They have a website with a dedicated webcam feed showing the number of geese moving through the area. Two camera groups I belong to did trips to the area. The numbers this year have not been as great as in years past and I am a tree photographer, no birding lens for my camera. But I got a few good shots showing the amazing flocks of birds whirring through the area in group flight. AND, for me…a wonderful collection of tree being images, including some of birdmen/Templars.

The Birdmen and the Templars

There are esoteric stories about the Templars bringing the Ark of the Covenant to America. Parallel to this are Native American stories about the Birdmen who some see as related to the Templars in their black hooded cloaks. I occasionally come upon images in the land that are remarkably similar in visage to these tales. See my story about the Birdman of Niagara Falls for one such tale.

Parking Lot 6

Shown above and to the left are images taken from Parking Lot 6, across the lake from Willow Point. The snow geese are seen in one of the many flight loops they take throughout the day, whenever something startles them (like one of the seven hunting bald eagles the birders counted on this trip).

The tree image to the left shows a bearded birdman/Templar in war helmet with a cross upper right and an elder wolfman upper left.

Willow Point

Willow Point is the main gathering site for birders. It overlooks the large lake and is where most of the flocks land. The road in and the picnic area are surrounded by fields and woods, long in close proximity with humans. I find these locations particularly good for observing nature beings. At these sites, the nature beings and tree beings come into regular contact with humans, and the images tend to be more grounded into our dimension, as they seek to work in harmony with our energy.

Below are two views of the many birds at Willow Point.











These two photos are of tree beings who live near each other, on the walk in. I am very fond of the friendly dog being, left, who I photographed two years ago as well. He still looks strong and content; in the summer, he will be covered in green vines.

The root beings below are similar in theme to the Templar and wolf who live directly across the lake, in Parking Lot 6. This is a different “take” on the energy. Note the wolfman at top, with very long ears, looking out while a hooded Birdman/Templar, with mustache and beard, looks left. They are light energy compared to the darker energy of the PL6 beings.

I’ll post more images of the nature beings I met on this outing, in another post.


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