Davy Jones, the Ghost Tree and the Snow Geese

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The array of visible birds and also visible other-dimensional lifeforms at the 6,000 acre Middle Creek Wildlife Area (Lancaster, PA) is awesome. I told you yesterday about the Birdmen/Templars. Today I share a variety of other beings I photographed. I was ostensibly on a bird viewing outing, to hopefully spot the hundreds of thousands of snow geese who migrate through here. It’s been a slow year for geese…but…as always, the trees were on hand to have a chat and get their photo taken.

Middle Creek Lake is 281 acres in size and fills with migrating birds who sweep down for a rest throughout the day, as seen here to the left. Dawn and dusk viewing numbers are much higher.

Davy Jones

Below is an awesome tree configured like Davy Jones (in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies). He lives in regal solitude on a small hillock on a wooded path to Middle Creek Lake, just off Parking Lot 5. That is a tree root, angling down from his chin like some mighty dreadlock (or, in Davy Jones’ case, serpent).

The Ghost Tree

Over at Twilight Point, locals for generations have been enjoying the feel of snuggling into the womb-like curved opening in a magnificently winding tree. To me, it looks like an ominous yet mesmerizing ghost tree. Seen full length, you can enjoy the eye-like opening high on the tree. Up close and lightened (this area is actually a dark exposed tree interior), you can see several faces. They are rough worker images, the kind of life forms who if human you’d find living solitary lives in the backwoods, living off the land with skin toughened by the elements.

I’ll share more images in another post.


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