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This January, in a month-long project, I’m inviting friends, associates and their friends to share at least one photo you have taken of a gnome, along with any information you have personally received from gnomes. This is an experiment, to see what kinds of glimpses we humans have seen into the realms of the nature beings, and have photographed. NO Generative AI allowed!

Cliff Gnomes at Pictured Rocks, Munising, MI

I will be selecting from submissions to do short social media posts throughout the month on Facebook and Instagram and informative Blurbs here at my website. At the end of the month, I will select the best submissions to feature in an article and, if the collection is large enough, at the International Nature Beings Photographers Gallery.

Gnomes are one of the nature beings whose energy is grounded enough to be seen in our denser human dimension. They are seen in many world cultures and some Scandinavian countries have laws protecting the rights of gnomes, or tomte as they are known there. There are not many photos of gnomes in circulation. Let’s change this!

Gnome of Sunset Park

Where Can You Photograph a Gnome?

Gnomes like to carve their self-portraits into trees and rocks. This serves as their address marker, defining where they live and their free-will chosen area of responsibility. Usually, but not always, the image can be found around the base of a tree because gnomes reside close to and inside the earth. That is their “frequency.”

Winter is an excellent time to go looking for gnome images because vegetation has retreated leaving the area around the tree/rock relatively bare, and has removed the mottled disguises of sun through leaves.

Gnomes love to make their homes where good people live. They like to enhance and ground that good energy and spread it throughout their personally selected area of responsibility. They can move into and out of a territory at will, and may do so when a piece of land changes ownership and thus resident energy. An image of a gnome is a sign good people live in the area. So look around your own home or the home of a kind friend, or the grounds of an arboretum, park, or positive organization.

Where To Send Your Photos

Sending your photo means you are giving permission for me to publicly post it, along with your name. You can include your name (inconspicuously) on the photo. Your email will not be shared.

Send as large a photo file as you have to  You can also post your photo directly to our closed Facebook Group, Nature Beings Around the World.



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