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Three Tones

Walking in nature, communing with the nature beings and asking their energetic assistance can greatly help you navigate the stresses of this holiday season. 

If you are stressed or need help running healthy energy through your body, centering via identification with the trees of the area can be of significant assistance.

I have made use of this assistance many times, including the following:

I have traveled a lot both in America and around the world. There have been times when I ate something that, it turns out, was a bit hard on my digestive system – maybe a bit “off” or a bit rich or spices just way too different.

Then there  have been times when the stress of daily life has left me with very raw nerves.

And there are always times when cosmic energies are running wild, causing my whole body energy system to jangle.

In all these instances, I search out a local “friendly” tree and ask for its assistance. So – why does this work – and how does this work?

Trees Bridge the Three Worlds

Trees have long been recognized as life forms who bridge the three worlds – heaven (branches), earth (trunk), and the inner earth (roots). They have learned how to harmonize the three energies within their own bodies, and they can assist us in doing so, too. Identifying with tree energy has long been a respected indigenous method for healing human energy.

How Can You Get Help From a Tree?

Here’s how it works. Go to a tree whose energy you “like.” Ask it to help you and specify why – you ate something, need some peace/ patience/ stress relief or whatever. “Feel” if its response is a yes (don’t worry if you can’t feel this at first, trust the process – the tree will either help you or will simply be silent – what you are doing is setting up a proper protocol of mutual respect).

Then place your hands on the tree, or lean against it, or “hug” it, or sit down leaning against the tree. Feel the tree’s life force energy (you can visualize it as its sap) running down through you and deep into the earth. Visualize/ sense/ feel it giving you an energy shower. Gradually, gradually, you will feel a soothing of your own energy as the life force energy of the universe, channeled through the vehicle of the tree, clears and soothes your own energy.

All Traditional Cultures Draw on the Energies of the Trees

Tree of Life – Classic

Now this methodology of working with trees has always been known to humans – we just too often have forgotten it. Yoga knows it – the tree pose is a classic position. Paganism knows it – the tree is one of its main symbols. Kabalistic philosophy knows it – the Kabalistic tree of life is a sacred geometry symbol that inter-relates human, cosmic and nature energy fields. You will find this recognition of this energy device throughout human society.

So, I love trees – most of you have already surmised that – never met a tree I didn’t like. Tree energies have been very nice to me in return, and have taught me a great deal. I share a lot of this information in my books – We Are Not Alone talks about the structure of this energy. Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts tells stories of some of my learning experiences from trees. Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me is a collection of over 120 of my spirit photographs.

A few things you will discover as you work with trees, and as I explain in these different places:

Different Kinds of Trees Have Different Energy

While identifying with any tree you “like” will work, eventually you begin to notice differences. Different types of trees provide different types of energy. Pine trees are excellent for soothing the energy field, oak trees provide strength of purpose, maple trees provide determination to achieve completion of projects, cottonwood trees help you connect your prayers to spirit…and so on. 

Let the Trees Teach You

If you are too stressed out, your energy may be so blocked that the tree cannot flow its energy through you. I discovered this once – see the photo at the start of this blog. This is in a wooded area at Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL. Once I walked there, quite stressed, and placed my hands on the first pine tree on the right. The tree spirits apologized for not being able to help me with my stress as it was too extreme. But they had a solution.

“Turn around,” the tree beings said. I did. “See that indent in the land? That is a vortex that will drain the stress from you, and then we can fill you with our good energy.” I stood in the indent – called a sump hole in the Midwest, a place where the land has collapsed in a bit. I felt the counter-rotating energies pulling out my stress, sending it down into the healing earth. They explained that my negative energy dump helps the sump hole to be healthier and even more effective. My action feeds the sump hole the negative energies it needs to survive – it is a natural clearing device for an area. When I had felt the draining stop, I was done for then.

“Now,” the nature beings said, “place your hands on the tree and we can fill you with good energy.” I did that and felt peace flow through.

We then had some fun as they explained there were three sump holes and each had a different frequency. They had me repeat the dump/refill process in each sump hole and I could feel the difference in frequencies that were being cleared.

Some Ways to Connect with Us

If you would like to share your own nature being photographs, head over to our community nature spirits group at Facebook.

This is a reprint of this blog, original published in November 2020.


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