Making the Scene Look Like it Feels

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Guardian with texture overlay

Guardian without texture overlay

Digital cameras are amazing, in the way they record what is in a scene. But sometimes I want to more strongly convey the emotional content of what I am observing. To accomplish that, I am now exploring overlaying the scene with a specially-crafted texture formed from components of the scene itself. A sort of layering of intensity of the nature realm’s viewpoint.

Textures of the Nature Realms

I’ve been moving between worlds – human being and nature being – for sometime now. It is hard to convey the complex, richly layered world these beings live in. I’ve been struggling for years with this. Adding in a layer of texture seems to be heading in the right direction.

A texture can be created by multiple layers of images, which is flattened then superimposed over the base photograph, and then adjusted. Here I’m showing the photo as it comes out of camera, with standard adjustments. And next to each image – one with an organic texture, created out of elements of the scene itself, including a close up of bark and a highly blurred version of the base photo.

bark incorporated as part of the texture

The multi-layered texture

Which version do you feel conveys the essence of this scene most successfully? Which is most emotionally satisfying?

Portal Guardian

The photos are of a tree, dead by our human terms but serving as a guardian portal in the nature being realms. The tree stands in a natural vortex of energy – a circle of grass inside a virgin section of Northeast Forest. A guardian being protects the void-space portal inside of which an upright being can be seen navigating his “space ship.”






forest glen with overlay

forest glen without overlay









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