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Gnome with elongated hat

Organizational structures exist everywhere and their rules reveal much about that group’s society. Their symbols can vary.

When you think of gnomes, one of the first impressions is a short, stout being wearing a conical red hat.

Why a tall hat? Why do gnomes wear them? So this is about –


My relationship with the nature beings is – if I have a need-to-know question, they will provide me with the answer. The nature beings also want me to write about them, so sometimes, when preparing to write an article or a book, I will pose questions that they deem appropriate to clarify.

I’m focusing on gnomes right now. The nature beings want me to write about them. So they are teaching me some fine points I had not previously considered of particular interest. In this case – why the hats, always the hats?

Social Status

Gnome worker goofing off – very short hat

The nature beings brought to my attention three photographs I’ve taken of gnomes that are particularly good examples of – why? Here they are.

Hats, my nature being friends explained, are necessities due to the sensitive elongated structure of a gnome’s head. Gnomes are extremely intelligent, inquisitive, and have such control over matter that they can easily move through what we call dense earth. Their elongated brains contain the abilities needed to do so. I do not fully understand how this works (I don’t understand the mechanics of a car, either), but my inner earth colleagues say it is similar to the ability contained in a troll’s nose to do the same. I’ve written about trolls in “Troll Wisewoman.”

Non-conformist gnome – no hat

It is also akin to the elongated heads of Akhenaten’s royal family in ancient Egypt, and to the practice of head-binding among many cultures throughout history, as a sign of wisdom and beauty.

The gnomes’ elongated head was originally an indicator of extended wisdom, and so as others sought to claim membership in that status level, it indicated royalty among gnomes as well. The elongated heads required a taller hat. Hence tall hats became associated with the upper echelons of gnome society and the shorter hats of the more common folk. Not wearing a hat at all is uncommon, and a sign of a nonconformist.

Akhenaten – Berlin Museum

Seen here are two gnomes who live in Northern New Hampshire at the arts-oriented Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. One has a very short hat, a scruffy beard, and is “goofing off” lounging at the base of a tree near the Center’s cafe – mmmm – good food close at hand!

The other is a younger gnome with a verrry tall hat and a very distinctly “charming” personality, positioned out near the middle of the Center’s main lawn. He aspires to be considered part of the upper classes of gnome society!

This third image is of a hatless gnome who lives on the back side of a dark and ominous bog, at Morton Arboretum, IL. He is a definite nonconformist, with a bit of a churlish expression – stay away! – and long locks covering his extended skull. He is a loner who wants to stay that way!

Compared with Trolls

Troll Wise woman

Here is a photo of a wise woman troll I became friends with, at Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL. She is very proud of her long nose and explained to me it is a frequency device that enables her to travel rapidly through dense earth.

The gnomes’ skull structure operates in a similar way for that under/over earth species.

This innate ability to manipulate solid matter as though it were as easy to pass through as air is an extraordinarily advanced skill that no humans I know of possesses. The gnomes have evolved in sophistication, just like most species do over time. They are now masters at manipulating matter not only for movement about, over and under earth – but also are renown throughout both human and nature realms for their fine jewelry and weapons, and for being able to configure energy to bring prosperity and good luck to their area of responsibility.

If you have a gnome living on your property, consider yourself fortunate!


  1. Wow! Fascinating! I’m going out to look for gnomes in the garden —front garden and back garden! Their being able to bring prosperity and good luck is amazing and wonderful, especially the good luck!

    All the best and sparkles and light!


    • Wonderful, Maggie! And don’t forget to send us the photos of any gnomes you encounter!


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