FREE Replay of “The Eco-Art of Earth’s Other-Than-Human-Lifeforms”

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What you are doing, Atala, is so exciting and really so paradigm-shifting. – Judy Kitt, President, Foundation for Mind-Being Research

A well-received one hour presentation by Atala showing visual proof of the sentient, sophisticated nature beings and others, who co-exist with humans on earth. Click on the following link to be directed to this free presentation – The Eco-Art of Earth’s Other-Than-Human Lifeforms. The one-hour talk is followed by a half-hour of questions from attendees of this Foundation for Mind-Being Research event. 

Atala covers the spectrum of issues involved in her work, including the Change of Ages, differing mental orientations of different people, dowsing protocols, the approaching need for interdimensional cooperation, and how her award-winning photography is representative of the growing field of Glitch Eco-Art.

I do hope you enjoy this presentation, and want to join in yet another way earth’s lifeforms are seeking peaceful cooperation.


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