What’s Inside the Old Man? – Part 2 in Tales of an Oak

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What’s going on inside that old man you see shuffling down the street, hunched over, wrinkled skin, bony, with maybe a bit of a scowl on his face?

Here’s an embodiment (left) a compassionate ancient white oak created in her bark. This type of image comes from a tree identifying with something going on in their vicinity in the human world that they find of interest, and whose energy they want to explore.

In this case this 350-year-old white oak has seen many a Quaker grow up, grow old and return to spirit while she herself continued on. This white oak recently fell at London Grove Friends Meeting, Kennett Square, PA.

On one side of the tree is a bark bas relief showing an angel protecting a human/nature being. But just around to the right of this study there is a medium size burl that forms the head of an elderly human with bony shoulders, long coat and rough hands.

Our oak tree fell gracefully and peacefully on September 19. The meeting has been carefully considering the most spiritual manner in which we can honor her life. One way is lovingly harvesting her wood, to supply crafters with exquisitely aged wood for art pieces that will carry her spirit into the homes and workplaces of others.

Inside the Burl

The trunk of our oak has gone to a renown exotic woods company – Hearne Hardwoods, Inc. I was curious what they would find when they cut into the old man burl. Last week sawing began and a huge saw electronically moved back and forth very precisely, cutting her trunk into 4″ x 20′ slabs. A group of tree lovers were on hand, watching the unveiling of what surprises would come inside that 7′ diameter trunk.

Shown here is the cut burl – the third slice in from the bark.

The lumber millers wet down the wood, so that the beautiful grain could be seen – the same view that will come once the wood is finished by some experienced crafter.

The revelation was so beautifully appropriate. The first cut through the burl revealed the profile of a peaceful bear. Bear is the energy of protection and our oak tree certainly embodied that.

The next slice revealed a happy, smiling face.

Our oak tree had been happy through and through, in every part of her being and in all the images of beings that have been revealed in her physical dismantling.

These slices also revealed something else: what was inside that stooped old man. Inside, the tree had seen that these hardy old Quakers embodied strength and joy. The shell may have aged, but spirit was still strong and secure.


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