Tree Faces Can Change with Emotions

by | Holiday Spirit

The last tree of what was once a long colonnade of American Elms stands at the entry to Longwood Gardens, PA. The tree is greatly loved by all and the arborists work hard to keep her alive. But there is no doubt that she is stressed. I always greet her, on my frequent visits, and take a photo or two just to keep in touch.

But this time it was the first day of Longwood’s Christmas celebration, and the Gardens were decked out in their finest lights, trees and plants display of the year. There were thousands of visitors and everyone was happy. Including the Elm.

I witnessed for myself how the images in trees are living art, and can change with the situation. The beings who protect the elm – usually looking stressed – were smiling – all of them!

Look closely to see at least three nature being energies in the tree – some of the images morphing into each other.


The Stressed and The Happy Emotions

Shown top left are the two situations – stressed on the left, happy on the right.

Shown to the right are the long views of the tree, stressed on the left and happy on the right.

At the bottom is one of the long paths at Longwood, near the elm, beautifully lit up and highlighting the wonderful winter browns of the Dawn Redwoods.


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