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Jade Davila

Jade Davila began her personal journey into nature being communication in 2020, while taking long walks in the woods at Walden Pond, MA, a location made famous in the metaphysical writings of Henry David Thoreau.

She writes:

Jade Davila-Moss Mask

The nature beings in the woods began to reveal first their teachings to me, and then over time, began showing me themselves physically personified through their unparalleled art.

I seek to reintegrate these gorgeous, sentient, wise beings back into our human communities. To learn to work with them in order to live our most fulfilling lives. And to give them equal voice as one larger natural community.

Working with the nature beings is an integral part of Jade’s life. Photographing them is a secondary interest.

The Chromadome

Jade Davila-Light Beings in the Chromadome

Jade is a singer who works with overtones in her energy work. She tells us that as part of her personal healing process she was led to create a community space – a “Chromadome” – where she and her friends could “come together in nature to find our voices, which for me was so crucial in learning to heal myself. I wanted a space where we could lift our voices together in improvisational singing and drumming, with fire and moonlight, and with each ceremony we welcome nature beings to join and show us their wisdom and our forgotten ways.

The Chromadome is a handcrafted concrete  construction into which a series of colored glass has been set, in a Fibonacci spiral progression.


Jade Davila – Twins

Jade’s photographs vary from reels recording her toning to gatherings of friends for work in nature to portrait studies of the nature beings she encounters.

To See Her Work

Jade lives and works in New England. You can learn more about her adventures, and see her nature beings photos, at her website www.natureissentient.com . You can connect on Instagram to see her reels and photos at https://www.instagram.com/sing.with.jade/

Jade Davila-George


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